Fire Otherwise: Lifeways Enhancing Fire Management in a Changing World

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Spring 4-29-2021


Fire is a daunting human ecological challenge and a major subject in science and policy debates about global trends in land conversion, climate change, and human health. Persistent environmental orthodoxies reduce complex burning traditions to overly simplistic representations of environmental destruction, degradation, and loss while reinforcing existing social inequities involving smallholders. What would a more inclusive and pluralistic fire ecology look like? How and why might we embrace diverse anthropogenic fire regimes and broader understandings of the ways humans interact with fire? Fire otherwise is the support of proactive local and regional efforts to adapt amidst continually changing social and ecological circumstances.


This file is from a guest lecture that Cynthia Fowler delivered via Zoom to students, faculty, and community members who attended the Environment, Development, and Governance: Theories, Issues, and Trends. This course is taught by Professor Micah Fisher through the University of Gadjah Mada in Indonesia .

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