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Conference Proceeding

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Spring 5-7-2015


This presentation seeks to further understandings of human encounters with socioecological change and also of socioecological processes in the science of planetary change. In this presentation, I interpret the space-time involvements of two social groups. Using one filter, I do basic science by examining the ways Sumbanese construct the monsoonal landscapes which they communicate about, within which they move, and where they interact with other constituents of their environments. Using an alternate filter, I engage critical theory by deconstructing the ways scientists’ visualize changing landscapes with the aid of geospatial technologies. Whose purposes do geospatial scientists serve in documenting the anthropogenic drivers of global environmental change? What is at stake in imaging land cover change? Who benefits and who does not benefit from geospatial science? This presentation both participates in and critiques Earth imaging projects.


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