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This record orders the selection of jurors from the "good and lawful men" of Worcester to serve on the Grand Jury and Petit Jury at the Court of General Sessions of the Peace. February 15, 1765. On the verso a handwritten notice enumerates the men chosen for each jury.



Worcester ff

To the Constables of Worcester in said county


You are Required in His Majesty's Name, forthwith to assemble the Inhabitants of your Town, duly qualified according to Law, and to signify to them, that they are alike Required to choose one good and lawful Men of your Town (who hath a Real Estate of Forty Shillings per Annum, or a Personal Estate worth Fifty Pounds) to serve on the Grand Jury at the Court of General Sessions of the Peace to be holden at Worcester for and within the said County of Worcester on the second Tuesday of May holden there for one Year, and one Man alike qualified to serve on the Petit Jury for Trials at said Court, and at the next Inferiour Court of Common Pleas to be holden at Worcester aforesaid, on the 2nd Tuesday of May next: Which Persons chosen, you are to summon and warn to attend the Service of the said Courts, viz. the Grand Jurors on the first Day, and the Petit Jurors on the second Day of the said Court's Sitting. nine o'clock A.M.

AND you are to make Return of this Writ, with your Doings therein, and the Names of the Persons so chosen, unto the Clerk's Office, the Day before the Opening of the said Courts. Dated in Worcester the 15th Day of February in the fifth Year of his Majesty's Reign. Annoque Domini, 1765

[signed] [?] Paine Cle[rk]


Wm McFarland[?]

Joshua Bigle[?]


Worcester March 8: 1765 the Town of Worcester then meet after warning One Warning Mr. Joshua Biglo[?] was chosen to serve on a Grand Jury + I have notified him to attend according to the Precepts + Mr. Wm McFarland[?] was drawn out of a Box to serve on Petit Jury [?] within Court + I Warned him to attend agreeable[?]

to this I [receipt?] [signed:] [?] Brown Constable

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summons, jury, grand jury, petit jury, Worcester, Massachusetts, Worcester County

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Order to choose juror for Grand Jury and Petit Jury, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1765.

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