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Fort Pulaski Nov 6th 1864

My dear Wife

Yours of Oct 8 + Robts of the 9th + Fathers of 16th were the last reced39[.] Robts + Fathers reached me to day, yours in the box on the 4, and such a box[.] I think it was the nicest box ever received by a prisoner, it contained such nice things + they were so nicely packed that it excited the admiration of the Sergt whose duty it was to open it + he commented most emphatically upon its contents. 75 boxes were received at the same time + the contents of nearly all were lost for the want of proper selections of articles sent, mine was iron bound + the contents dry + sound[.] I lost nothing but the brandy which “went up the spout”, (confiscated) don‟t send any more, the officer who duty it was to examine the boxes took my brandy very reluctantly I think, as he judged I suppose by my looks that I would have appreciated it highly, it being a very cold day + I was chilled through[.] The nice suit of clothes + all the other things were just what I wanted + I thank you most heartily for them. I have had some hope of being exchanged lately, but do not feel so hopefull now as I did when I left the “Pen”. I sent you by Capt Hall a necklace + Ring of Gutta Percha[,] the work entirely of my own hands, with very inferior tooles. I spent many long lonesome hours upon them + you must appreciate them for that reason, if the chain is too long take out some of the rings, + rub with a woolen rag + oil to polish. I am out of Gutta Percha to work on, which makes the time hang much more heavy upon me[.] I hope to get some soon, from the Rev J A Hoyt who has been very kind to me. I had much pleasure in reading the old newspapers in the box. We are confined in casemates which are cold + damp[.] We waked up to role call at day light + put out lights at 9 oclock, rations are tolerably good, I walk some days 10 miles up + down the Casemates, am very well + can stand it as long as any one else. I like this prison better than any one I have ever ben at which is not saying much for it. I received from Embree of Aik he says [Tidwell?] is doing well in Texas, sent a copy of it to Father. Hope Robt C is doing well + at home. [Thos=nwell]40 Dunlap41 is here [,] recevd a letter from [ ?]42, is one of my particular friends. May God in his mercy bless + protect you[.] I have written you many letters[.] You devoted Husband

W.E. Johnson

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Fort Pulaski (Cockspur Island, near Savannah)


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South Carolina


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Letter: W.E. Johnson to Anne Johnson, November 6, 1864