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Prisoners Camp Morris Island Oct 16th 1864

My dear Father

I have received two letters from you + one from Ann since I have been here, Capt Lewis received one from making enquirys about me which he showed to me. I have written to you twice and Ann many times[.] I want Ann to send me one bed + pillow sack of coarse materials to hold straw[,] a dozen muscle shells + some chewing Tobacco in every box, which I can convert into money at any time if I do not use it myself. I think my prospect for exchange is bad, + if I am to stay in Prison I want all the things I have written for sent me, but if you think there is any prospect of an early exchange you need not send only such things as actually necessary. I need two Blankets very much. I am very well + getting along very well under the unpleasant circumstances in which I am situated, our rations are still very short but of tolerably good quality, but my suffering in that way has been removed by the receipt of $50.00 from Conner + Co + the nice box Mother sent me. You can imagine how delicious the fresh Butter + Bread + Ham was to me after living on very short rations of Crackers[,] Salt Meat + Bean Soup for two months, one of my mess received a bag of potatoes + Jug of Long Bean grub at the same time, a large proportion of the men have had neither money nor boxes of provisions sent them + they suffer much for the want of food + blankets, but I suppose most of them will have these sent them from home soon, tho danger from our shell up to this time has amounted to nothing a few pieces have fallen in our „Pen” in only one instance. I don‟t doubt my ability to “grin + endure” this imprisonment as well as any one else can, but this beautifull bright fall weather increases my desire to get out + take my part in the active movements that are now going on. The accounts we get from Northern sources are of the prospect of the Confederacy are very discouraging but they don‟t disturb me, [ xx xxxxxxx xx xxxx x xx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxx] within the last five months[.] Write me often + send this to Ann, the ring I sent her was returned to me

Your Affectionate Son W. E. Johnson Jr

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Morris Island (Charleston, Folly Beach)


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Letter: W.E. Johnson to W.E. Johnson, Sr., October 16, 1864