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Morris Island Sept 18th 1864

My dear Wife

I have written you several times since I have been here but have received no answer yet, but hope to do so soon[.] I have not heard from home but once in nearly four months + you can imagine my anxiety to get a letter now that I am so near you. I do not know how long we are to be kept here, but hope not long, we have daily rumours that we are to be exchanged soon, but there is generally no foundation for them. + I have not much hope of being exchanged until a general exchange of prisoners takes place. I am dreadfully tired of this imprisonment, but have [ ?] it [ _ ?] as well as any one + continue to do so, but it has been the most miserable time I ever passed. There has been but little firing from our batteries since I have been here + but a few pieces of shell have struck our camp, I do not think the danger very great, though it is very harrasing to know that we may be shelled at any time. The rations we get here are very scanty + of a very inferior quality so much so that we can not eat them sometimes. I hope you have sent me some provisions before this, we hear today that we will not be allowed to receive food but you must send me at regular intervals such articles of food as will keep untill you learn positively that I do not get them, alsom aske Father to take such measures to send me money that it will reach me promptly if I could tell how great my need is for money + food you would not delay a moment. I would like much to write you longer letters + more particulars of myself but I think it best to only inform you that I am well + of my wants[.] You must write often, you are differently situated from me, perhaps God in his goodness may allow us to meet soon, such is my prayer, may he bless you + my dear little boys[.] I will write again soon, send me Newspapers[.] I may receive them + you know my propensity for reading papers.

Your devoted Husband W.E. Johnson Jr.

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Morris Island (Charleston, Folly Beach)


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South Carolina


United States

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Letter: W.E. Johnson to Anne Johnson, September 18, 1864