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[recto:] Fort Delaware Del Officers Prison July 24th 1864

My dear Wife

I have written you many letter since I have been a prisoner + have some hope that you have received some of them by this time as I hear communication by Flag of Truce has been opened. I am afraid you have suffered much anxiety about me not knowing whether I was killed or captured + hope this if no other reached you will relieve your anxiety about me. I was captured in the first fight we got into + after skirmishing with the enemy a long time we were ordered to fall back owing to their aproach in larger force. I was at the rear of our co + being very thirsty went into a ravine which had water in it intending to get some intending and to go up it + rejoin the co but found the vines and briars so thick I could not do so + by the time I could return to where I went in the enemy were upon me on both sides + I was oblidged to surrender. I knew they had flanked us upon our right but had no idea they were pursuing so closely in our rear. You can imagine my distress + mortification when I found I was a prisoner + by such an accident just as I had got into a position as an officer in a fine co to be of some credit to myself that + the knowledge that you may be in great distress about me adds to my unhappy condition. It seems that I have been doomed to much unhappiness in the six months of my life + probably for a long ti come. I will try + bear it in a proper spirit + as coming from the “Giver of all good.” I find prison life one of complete misery, W P Bormey, Lt J L McCrosly, (Gladdens Grove) Capt E J Glale27, Capt W Stewart (Lancaster) are here as well as a large number of the best men of country, write me often, whether you think the letters will reach me or not + send me money if possible. I have received some from one of Fathers friends + living tolerably well at this time. Address me Lt. W E Johnson Prisoner of war Fort Delaware Del. By Flag of Truce, with United States + confederate States postage stamps on envelopes Robt C can get you some U S stamps probably

Give me love to Father Mother Brother Dannie + all, May God bless you

I will write often You devoted Husband W E Johnson Jr 7 th S S C

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Fort Delaware, Pea Patch Island


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Letter: W.E. Johnson to Anne Johnson, July 24, 1864.