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Fort Pulaski Geo Dec 28th 1864

My Dear Wife

I have not received a letter from in two months[.] I think the sheet upon which you write must be too large, this is the proper size. I have received six from Father + none from you[.] I have no doubt you have written me often. My friend Capt Pinckney who was captured at the same time I was + was specially exchanged a few days since with about twenty others (all specials) promised me he would write you + inform you that I was well. I hope you recd his letter. I am satisfied all hope of my exchange unless by special arrangement is gone + I beg that you will try to obtain one for me + don‟t let one failure prevent you trying again. I don‟t dount my ability to endure this suffering as long as any one + patiently, but I am most anxious to be released as I know the services of every one is much need now. I received one enclosure of fifty dollars from Conner + Co early in Oct[,] the last of which I spent some time since + am now without money. I wish you to send me an overcoat, another blanket + some chewing + a large quantity of smoking tobacco raised at home[,] none so good can be had here. We have various rumours here daily, the last of which is that we are to be sent to a northern prison. I am afraid there is some truth in it, though I do not feel sure of it. If it should be so it will be a sad day to me but I hope I will be able to bear it in a becoming spirit. We have none but the most discouraging account of affairs of the Confederacy in here, but they only increase my desire to get out. It makes me very sad to think of your trials + troubles. I know they must be great, but they are sent upon us by the Almighty for his own [ ?] pruposes + I hope + pray will result in our good

God bless you + my dear boys Your devoted Husband

W E Johnson Jr

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Fort Pulaski (Cockspur Island, near Savannah)


Chatham County




United States

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W.E. Johnson, letter, soldier, Civil War, prisoner, prisoner-of-war

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Letter: W.E. Johnson to Anne Johnson, December 28, 1864