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black-white racial tension is a sociological agent that permeates almost all forms of implicit biases when it comes to this specific race relation. The perspective of the black woman remains a highly suppressed viewpoint in the conversation of interracial dating between black and white people. The history of black and white interaction serves as a critical social basis for the dynamic of this country culturally, politically and economically. Society projects the common discourse that the United States (and the rest of the word) lives in a “post-racial” society, and that color, specifically black people, are not seen, but regarded as equal like everyone, and everything else. Unfortunately, this is completely false. This discussion will explore the saliency of the heterosexual relationships between black and white Americans and their (racialized) interactions through the perspective of the black woman as a way to reiterate 2 and reemphasize where the black woman stands in a society of male dominated white supremacy.



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