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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the ways in which the internationalist outlook of the Cuban Revolution was promoted through the solidarity posters produced by the OSPAAAL organization. This includes an analysis of the ways in which Cuba was influenced by and spread their influence to nations throughout the world. Particularly interesting is Cuba’s relationship with the United States. While promoting a message of anti- Americanism and anti-capitalist consumerism, Cuba also borrowed heavily from 5 contemporary American artistic traditions, and utilized styles and symbols synonymous with American culture to promote their message of anti-imperialism. While ideologically the poster art produced after the Cuban Revolution was generally in line with the Communist Bloc, stylistically their art differed in the ways in which it borrowed from the West. Through this mingling of influences, OSPAAAL was able to produce effective works of art supporting solidarity with those struggling against imperialism and colonialism, while promoting the messages of the Cuban Revolution.



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