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Fall 11-16-2020


This book is the product of nearly a year's worth of student research on Wofford College's history, undertaken as part of a grant by the Council of Independent Colleges in the Humanities Research for the Public Good initiative. The research was supervised and directed by Dr. Rhiannon Leebrick.

"Guiding Research Questions:

How did Wofford College and its early stakeholders support and participate in slavery?

How is the legacy of slavery present in the landscape of our campus (buildings, statues, names, etc.)?

How can we better understand Wofford as an institution during the time of Reconstruction through the Jim Crow era?

How did students, faculty, and administration respond to Wofford’s transition from segregation to integration?

What have the experiences of Black students been like over the past five decades?

Where is Wofford College now in terms of racial equity and justice?"



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