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This AVD project will focus on the development of student-centered learning activities and instructional strategies for a secondary government and economics teacher, Mary Ford, at Southside High School in Greenville, SC. The materials were created to provide more opportunity for students to be involved in their own learning process, analyze primary sources, and participate in self-guided learning in an effort for Government and Economics to be understood by students with varying interests and learning styles. This project was completed in three separate sections which each provide diverse lessons and address varying standards. The first section contains multi-purpose supplementary materials for the classroom as well as an interactive lesson utilizing Political Cartoons. The second section contains lessons analyzing primary sources as well as artwork and can be used within a unit on the Legislative Branch of Government in the US. The third section includes case studies of amendments to the Constitution of the United States. For this third activity each student will receive a modified court case pertaining to one of the Amendments to the Constitution. Students are to review their court case and submit in writing which Amendment they believe the case deals with.



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