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At the Byrnes Freshman Academy, English 2 Honors students are the top students. They attend English class for one semester, 90 minutes a day, and enjoy in-depth understanding of different cultures. They have the ability to analyze and evaluate new material and use it to further expand their knowledge and create original and unique projects.

“We’ve Got the Blues” provides a unit of study for English 2 Honors that encourages students to develop an understanding of the blues and how it applies to literature. The unit enables students to gain an appreciation of the blues while understanding its historical significance. We study To Kill a Mockingbird, A Raisin in the Sun, and poems and essays by other authors influenced by the blues. Additionally, we introduce students to famous twentieth century artists and musicians known for their blues pieces as well as contemporary musicians and artists. Teachers should feel free to pick and choose from the lessons and activities in this unit.


This project included several video files that are too large to include in the repository. We hope to link to them at a different site in the near future.



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