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We developed a series of experiential activities to increase students’ analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of psychology concepts. These application activities can enhance existing curriculum units on Personality, States of Consciousness, and Dysfunctional Behavior. Three lessons are presented. The first is a lecture and partner application activity that can serve as a bridge between a curriculum unit on States of Consciousness and a curriculum unit on Personality. In this partner application activity, students record their dreams, then work with partners to analyze those dreams from the perspectives of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and the modern psychologist Clara Hill. The second activity is a discussion and debate exercise to encourage students to explore issues surrounding controversial changes to the new DSM-5. The third activity is a DSM-5 psychological disorder role-playing activity, in which students learn about criteria for various mental disorders and do small-group role-plays from the perspective of each disorder. (2650 kB)
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