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This project focuses on developing learning modules that combine grammar and culture for beginning and intermediate level high school Spanish classes. The objective of this project is to make grammar more interactive for students, while at the same time highlighting the cultural richness and diversity of the Spanish-speaking world. This approach reflects the current ACTFL standards for foreign language learning (preparing for the 21st century) and the South Carolina Academic Standards for Modern Languages. Ms. Haney wanted to make learning grammar more enjoyable and accessible to her students. She was also interested in exploring ways of using technology more effectively in the classroom. She is currently able to use YouTube clips and other sites for basic grammar exercises. Our project combines the study of grammar and culture by providing a common and relatable context – two high school students, Sam and María, traveling throughout the Spanish-speaking world – with the basic idea that as Ms. Haney’s students follow their adventures, they are exposed to both grammar and cultural activities that supplement the topics introduced in the textbook in Mrs. Haney’s Spanish class. (2412 kB)
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