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This form states Nathan Hale, Jr. is admitted a member of the Freshman class on probation. The document presents an abstract of laws and regulations once accepted and disccuses the terms of admission and matriculation, dress code, and billing information. Signed by Josiah Quincy, the president of Harvard University, and dated July 17, 1834.


Harvard University. Abstract of Laws and Regulations of the University in Cambridge, for the Information of Parents and Guardians of Students accepted on Examination. Of Admission and Matriculation. I. The Parents or Guardians of those Students who have been accepted on examination, or some other person for them, must give a bond to the President and Fellows, with surety or sureties, one of which must belong to this Commonwealth, to the satisfaction of the Steward, in the sum of four hundred dollars, to pay all charges accruing in conformity to the laws and customs of the University; and said bond is to be lodged with the Steward. II. Every one, who has been accepted on examination, shall, on the first day of the Term, or as soon after as may be, exhibit to the President a certificate, that the bond has been given, agreeably to the foregoing law. He shall then sign an acknowledgment that he is a member of Harvard University and subject to its Laws; upon which the President will deliver him a printed copy of the Laws, and admit him to the privileges of the Institution. He may then take possession of a chamber, if any be assigned to him, and receive the instruction of the University. But he will be considered on probation, and will not be admitted to full standing as a matriculated student, till after a probation of one Term. If he be not qualified for matriculation at that time, he may be considered on probation for a further period not exceeding a year from his acceptance. Dress. On Sabbaths and Exhibition days, and on all public occasions, each Student, in public, shall wear black or black-mixed coat, with buttons of the same color. Term Bills. The bills for college charges and expenses shall be made out three times a year, at the end of each term; and if any Student shall neglect to pay to the Steward, on or before the seventh day of every Term each Term bill due from him to the University, he shall not be permitted to occupy his chamber, join his class, or continue at the University; until he shall produce to the Faculty a certificate from the Steward of his having made the required payment; and in the mean time he shall be subject to the common charges in the Term bill. If any Student shall be absent for nonpayment of a bill, for more than one month after the beginning of the Term when payment ought to have been made by this law, his chamber shall be assigned to another, nor shall he be admitted to the privileges of the University till he has produced a certificate from some respectable gentleman in his neighborhood, testifying to his good behavior in his absence, nor till he has passed a satisfactory examination in his studies. Harvard University, July 17 1834 Nathan Hale Jr. is admitted a member of the Freshman Class on probation Josiah Quincy, P.M.C.

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Harvard University, admission, matriculation, probation, University in Cambridge, Cambridge, Nathan Hale Jr, Josiah Quincy, certificate of admission, July 17 1834, 1834

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Abstract of laws and regulations at Harvard University for parents or guardians of Nathan Hale, Jr., a member of the freshman class. Signed by Josiah Quincy, Cambridge, July 17, 1834.



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